Hope Sapa Center sponsorship program

Sapa Hope Center sponsor-ship-program

There are lots of kids living or working on the streets of Sapa, as well as many who work in the fields with their families. They don’t go to school. The families find it more rewarding to keep them on the street begging or selling. Along the streets in the center, many of these kids sit on towels on the sidewalks until late into the night. In the countryside they work hard in the rice fields.

The problem is that going to school requires money and working is the only way for the family to earn. Most of the families don’t see the benefit of sending their kids to school.

So, while the kids go to work, they also lose the benefits that education can bring them year by year, they  lose the possibility to have a choice and therefore, their freedom.

The aim of this project is to change how the families think of education. We want make going to school possible. To do this we select kids from families living in poverty and we offer this opportunity, $25 per month will pay for one child to go to school. The money can be used by the family but not wasted, on alcohol for example.

How it works:

when you choose a kid you are agree to send 25$ per month till the kid go to school. When the kid decide to leave the school we will let you know and your duty is finished.

The kids will go to a public school, sleep in the “Hope Sapa Center” and will have food as well as English lessons after school for free.

At the moment we don’t have any administrative costs, all the money will go directly to the families.

Through the school manager we will check that the sponsored kids are attending school, we will meet the families and having the kids living at the center means we will be able to check on them regularly.

The center is close to the villages and the school, reducing the risks for the kids when walking (for example kidnapping) and also reduces the transportation costs.

In the profile down here you can find the kids waiting for a sponsor:

How to participate: 

very simple, send an email with your details, the kid you have chosen to sponsor and the monthly amount you would like to donate. We will answer you with all the necessary information.

This is the first kid:


DSC_5296 Name:  Cha
Family name: Unknown
Age:  6  (he doesn’t know)
School level: never been to school, speaks only Hmong dialect.
Family situation: Cha’s father died and his mother re-married and abandoned him to go and live with her new husband. Cha now lives with his uncle who doesn’t care for him and uses him to work in the fields. When we found Cha he was hungry and dirty, the neighbors told us often Cha sleeps on the streets. We cleaned him, gave him food and new clothes and allowed him to stay at the center.
Total income per month from sponsors: 25$
Child description: When he first arrived at the center he was very shy and quiet, when he became confident over a couple of days, Cha revealed to be a very active curious kid. He is very happy when he can stay with us and does not want go back to live with his uncle





Name: Zhi                                       Family name:

Age:  5
School level: she went to school 6 months. She speaks: hmong language, Vietnamese and she comes sometimes at the Hostel to learn English.
Family situation: she has 2 sisters and 3 brothers, she spends the days with her sister on the street with her mum trying to sell small objects
Total income per month from sponsors: 25$
Child description: lovely active little girl, she likes to go to school. When she comes to the English lessons she’s very focused and happy. She learns fast. Little bit shy it wasn’t easy take a good photo of her.



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