Kouang Xi Waterfall

This is the main attraction in Luang Prabang area. With good reasons. I’m agree, I love it.

It’s a long complex of small waterfalls that creates steps, balconies and pools, with fresh blue water. The pools are easily accessible from the side. Amazing to relax. The complex ends with a 25 meters waterfall divided in three big steps in which is possible swim arriving from the not very easy path on the left of the waterfall (facing the waterfall).

The top is flat and the blue river lose it self in the forest.

The blue color of the water comes from the presence of copper in the water. The formations are made by the silt left by the water.

I almost forgot. This is all true in the dry season, in the raining season the scenery changes dramatically. It’s still beautiful and amazing but in another way. Let’s say less relaxing. Have a look at the photos.

Dry season:


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201426


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201423


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201424


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201425


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201428


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201427


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201421


KuangXi Waterfall-May 25, 201422


Raining season:


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20141


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20143


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20142


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20145


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20144


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20148


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20147


KuangXi Waterfall-July 31, 20146


The stairs to the top.

The stairs to the top.

On the right of the stairs there are the paths to the waterfall in this point clearly attainable only in dry season.


The top of the waterfall

The top of the waterfall



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