LAO slow way to progress

This post is about the particular way to the development the Lao people are following. The country is poor by our standard. There is a general lack on many services, school and health particularly. But I don’t want to talk about the bad or sad part. Traveling out of the tourist paths I saw a country of simple and quite people, very welcoming, easy smiling. The better pictures I conserve are the kids stop playing in the fields and scream: Farong, Sabadee, hello farong. Another picture very funny, are the people on the motorbike, slow down close to me say hello and speed up smiling.

I generally see an happy country.

I’m talking about feelings, because I didn’t read and search anything for a better and deep knowledge. The feelings are that Laos is not stuck in poverty or in the past. Laos is slowing improving the general conditions. Slowing for me is not bad and better than super fast growing. Countless are the example of the problems that a super fast growth involve. Sometime used to solve some problems and ended up creating many others and more serious. Without mention the losses in culture and so on.

Western progress is always paint as the way to happiness. Where more is better. I actually think it works the opposite. Less is better. Am I saying that would be better live without roads, hospital or schools. No I’m not saying that. I divide the basic needs from the secondary needs. I think that a clean river is the hell better than a swimming pool. Surround your self with accessory doesn’t make you happier. Traveling with a very small backpack and crossing country like Laos made me test this assumption which everybody knows but very few try and follow and hence really understand (this is another theory I may try to write about)

I will always use Laos as an example to explain this.

Going back to the title of this post, on the way I took some photos to explain the concept in pictures.

Lao people start from a hut like this below, when they have money they build the foundation, then the pillars, then the roof, the walls, the windows, the interior, the colors outside. It takes years but the results great. check it out.


Lao slow way to progres-August 25, 201410


Lao slow way to progres-August 25, 201411


Lao slow way to progres-August 17, 20149


Lao slow way to progres-August 22, 20143


Lao slow way to progres-August 17, 20145


Lao slow way to progres-August 22, 20142





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